Colloration Programme

Comprehensive Early Childhood Creative Arts Program

Aim: To enhance children’s music, body movement and arts.

The purpose:

Children may enjoy learning through a wide range of creative arts experience and derive knowledge and fun.

To promote inter-school teachers in developing music, creative dance and visual arts through sharing of their experiences. They will be introducing the existing teaching and research culture. Thus, through collaborative school teachers, they will discuss how to improve the teaching modes and strategies in teaching music, creative dance and visual arts activities and to conclude a successful experience to others.

To encourage school teachers to exchange the philosophies and practices in music, creative dance and visual arts. Through the collaboration of teaching in arts integrated activities, the effectiveness in professional development for teachers is promoted.

Systematic Chinese learning

<Environmental Cooperation Scheme>

Thank you to the grants from the Environmental Protection and Conservation Fund (EPF) and the Environmental Protection Committee (Environmental Campaign Committee), the whole school’s fluorescent tubes were replaced with T5 energy-saving and environmentally friendly fluorescent tubes. According to the electricity bill records, the electricity consumption was significantly reduced by more than 35.5%. The project has been completed.

About the installation:

To teach and strengthen children’s environmental awareness, our school has organized the following environmental education activities:

We have organized the Green Message Birthday Party. Children can learn how to protect the environment and wildlife through movies and games.

Use recycled waste paper, cans, plastics, to create art work or stationery utensils, so as to understand the benefits of recycling.

Children understand the importance of environmental protection from an early age.

  • Observing the growth of hydroponic vegetables
  •  Recycling food waste
  • Observing the fermentation of food waste 

The correct method and attitude of cultivating young children to save energy.

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