School History

School History

Established with funds donated by Fong Shu Fook Tong Foundation, the school started as the ninth kindergarten under Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in 1991, and was dedicated to Fong Shu Fook Tong in 1992 by the Board for its prominent support.

Inheriting the spirit of Tung Wah, the school is committed to provide an excellent all-round early childhood education to the society. We offer our students a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment where they are inspired and developed in their language, intelligence, physical, emotional and social abilities. We emphasize on a balanced growth for our young children and we firmly believe in the school motto: “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty and faithfulness” as the guiding principle in the building of proper values and a positive outlook on life.

Queens Hill Campus Environment & Facility

Our school covers an area of about 8,000 square feet with 7 classrooms, a music room, a reading corner, a sensory area, and an art and exploration room and an outdoor flower garden. We hoped to build a learning area with diversified activities for the children to explore freely and grow up happily.

Siu Sai Wan Environment & Facility

The school has complete facilities, with a total area of 586 square meters. There are six standard classrooms, an indoor playground, an English room, a multimedia classroom, a reading corner and a medical room. Each room is equipped with personal computers, interactive projectors, and audio-visual combinations.

The school receives funding from the Board of Directors of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals every year to carry out school building maintenance, purchase advanced equipment, keeping in pace with the times, to optimize the environmental equipment for teaching.

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